Reach®: The Holster-Safe

Reach®: The Holster-Safe


Reach brings personal protection and effective gun safety together. It is the only product that truly combines instant personal protection with innovative gun safe because seconds can save lives.

Weight: 2.35 lb

  • Boxed size: 7”x8”x3”

  • Power supply: Universal 100-240V

  • Biometric reaction time: ~0.5 secs

  • Comes with a charging mount and holster insert of your choice

  • CA DOJ compliant

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In Your Reach Package:

  • Reach biometric safe unit

  • Holster Insert (handgun model)

  • Product User Guide Mechanical

  • Override key

  • Charging Mount w/ hardware

  • Power supply with a 5-foot cable

  • 1 Year Standard Warranty

  • 30-day Easy Return Policy

Introducing Reach

An innovative firearm safe designed for immediate access and safety.

Some features:

  • Access in ~0.5 seconds

  • Stores up to 5 authorized users

  • Mechanical key override

  • Reliable power through charging mount

  • Internal backup battery


Core Features

Reach allows you convenience and accessibility to your handgun while protecting it from unauthorized users. With advanced biometric fingerprint technology, Reach provides access to your weapon in under half a second as you naturally grab the gun.

Can’t find an insert for your handgun? Make a request for a new insert through our feedback page!

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Left-handed Version!

We heard from a lot of people that they want a left-handed version. Sign up on this form to be notified once a left-handed version is ready to order. (If you signed up early and got a discount code, adding your email to this form will save your discount for when your left-handed Reach is available).

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Weapon Mounted Lights

Weapon mounted lights are important for people who use it for home protection. However, because of the way holsters open up to accommodate those lights, it leaves the trigger guard exposed which is unsafe for children. So with our current version, we are not able to support light attachments. However, we are working on a solution to make weapon mounted lights compatible with our Reach system. If you would like to be notified when that is ready, just sign up on the form here.

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