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Reach: A revolution in firearm access and security


Designed for Protection

Reach enables immediate access to your handgun.


No Compromise on Security

Reach keeps your gun locked when not in use.


The Tech

Reach uses leading biometric technology, so that only authorized users can unlock the gun.


Core Features

Reach is a 3-part system with the safe, charging mount, and holster insert (that can be swapped out).


Your handgun, Anywhere you need it

Reach gives you the freedom of instant accessibility, anywhere you can mount it to.

Winner of Veteran Affairs -
Gun Safety Challenge
— Veteran Affairs
#1 Top Pick from SHOT Show 2019
— Beth Alcazar (USCCA)
Partnered with Project ChildSafe and NSSF
— Project ChildSafe (NSSF)

A Team with a Big Mission


Vara Safety is a team based out in Upstate New York who have passionately been working on this technology for the last few years. We believe that families should be able to protect themselves and be safe. Thank you to the supporters who believed in us and the spirit of innovation.