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Spring 2019 Launch
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Reach is an innovative biometric safe.

Designed for immediate access and reliable security


Mounts anywhere in your home or car


Made for better home protection



Easy as Grabbing Your Gun

Your thumb naturally aligns onto the fingerprint sensor when you grab your gun. Industry-leading biometric technology ensures reliable access.

  • Unlocks under half a second

  • Only unlocks for authorized users

  • Up to 5 users can be added

Secure as a Safe

Reach will automatically lock in your handgun. The locking mechanism prevents brute force removal and accidental discharge.

  • Auto-locking mechanism

  • Unique safe locking system

  • High strength metal alloy


Mounted and Powered

Reach can be secured to the charging mount, preventing removal without the provided key. No worries about dead batteries.

  • Mount charges Reach via outlet

  • Has internal rechargeable battery for emergency power outage

  • Mounting screws provided


Compatibility with all handguns


To use a different handgun with Reach, simply swap out the insert depending on which gun model you want to use. 

However, we need your help deciding on the first handgun models to launch with.

Tell us which handgun insert you want first!

Please provide Make & Model (ex. Glock G19 Gen2)

Family-focused Mission

For every Reach unit sold, we will be dedicating a portion of the sale to a “family fund”. We will be gifting families-in-need with a free Reach unit, because we believe children deserve the best safety and protection possible.



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