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Fast as a Holster.
Secure as a Safe.


Vara Reach

Reach is a solution that provides immediate access and safe storage.


How it works

To remove the handgun, simply grab the firearm.

Your thumb naturally falls onto the fingerprint sensor, unlocking the gun in under half a second. Unholster the firearm from the safe and you are ready to go.


Reach uses a state-of-the-art fingerprint sensor that ensures only authorized users can unlock the gun. When you first recieve Reach, press the registration button on top and add your master fingerprint. Up to 5 users can be added to a safe.


To lock your gun, simply slide it into the insert and it will auto-lock. To unlock, grabbing your locked gun will naturally place your thumb onto the fingerprint sensor on the safe. This allows immediate access even in the dark or under stress. Reach unlocks under 0.5 seconds.


Reach comes with an active mount that locks the safe onto your bedside table, office desk, or vehicle to prevent easy theft. The mount also plugs into power and charges the Reach safe. Multiple mounts can be used to have Reach in different locations.


Vote for your handgun

Reach uses a special insert system that will allow compatibility with all handguns. Simply swap out the insert depending on which handgun you want to use. 

However, we need your help deciding on the first handgun models to launch with. Making our first molds will be limited to a few handgun models until we establish volume and can add more.

Tell us which handgun insert your want first!


Our Mission

Our mission at Vara is to create ease and simplicity in firearm safety.

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