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Unlocking your handgun is simple as grab and go.

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Mount it anywhere.


With our mounting system, you can mount your handgun by your bed, office, and vehicle! Reach is easy to install and let's you place your firearm within arm's reach.





Revolutionary Design

Reach is unlike any other firearm safe in the market. We wanted to design something that was fast as a holster and secure as a safe. The experience is a game-changer. Drop in your handgun to lock and simply grab the gun to unlock. Your thumb will naturally fall on the fingerprint sensor when you grab the firearm.


Fingerprint Sensor

Reach uses a high-end biometric sensor to read your fingerprint in under 0.3 seconds. It uses a FBI matching algorithm to ensure only authorized users can access the safe.


Mounting System

Reach comes with mounts that allow you to place your handgun wherever you need. When your handgun is locked in, the mount prevents Reach from being stolen.


Vara Inserts

By using inserts specific to your firearm, Reach ensures a perfect fit every time. Multiple inserts can be purchased for the handguns you want to secure.


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