Reach: a new generation of firearm safety for the home.


 Reach uses your thumbprint to unlock the gun

Unlocks in under 0.5 second

Secure as a traditional safe

Reliable power and battery


Easy as grabbing your gun

Your thumb naturally falls onto the fingerprint sensor when you grab the gun and unlocks immediately.

  • Unlocks under half a second

  • Only unlocks for authorized users

  • Up to 5 users can be added


Mounted and Powered

Reach uses a charging mount to attach to your bed, table, or vehicle and prevents easy theft.

  • Uses charging cable for reliable power

  • Also has backup battery for power outages

  • Mount nearby for easy access


Works with all handguns

Reach uses a holster insert designed for your preferred handgun model.

  • Simply swap out the insert for your gun

  • Multiple inserts can be used with one safe

  • Launching with top 10 most popular guns

In the car


In the home