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$50,000 Manufacturing Grant

Vara has recently won the 2018 Fuzehub Manufacturing Grant from the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund. Partnering with the Center For Economic Growth (CEG), Vara will be using the grant to develop their Design-For-Manufacturing (DFM) in their Upstate NY manufacturing facility.

We have experts bringing their manufacturing experience from Boeing, Benet Laboratories, Remington, Smith&Wesson, etc to ensure we can create a premier quality product that is rigorously tested for reliability.

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$100,000 NY Business Competition

Placing 1st out of 2200 teams in New York, Timmy won the $100,000 New York State Business Competition. A week prior to the competition, Timmy drove to all of the surrounding gun stores in the Capitol area and secured 8 letters of intent from these stores. In addition, he had completed over 1000 direct interviews during his market discovery phase. Winning the competition allowed Timmy to take a leave from college and build a team.

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$1M Smart Tech Challenges Foundation

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting incident, investors in Silicon Valley put their money towards a $1 million competition to incentivize tech development in firearm safety. Timmy applied with his new concept that he had been working on after his LAPD research and won a Phase 1 grant of $10,000. There were nine other winners selected from all around the world, some developing smartguns and most a lot further ahead in development. But $10,000 gave Timmy the resources to kickstart development.

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