Vara Moves to New Space

Vara has just moved into a new facility in Latham, NY. The CNC machine has been already moved in and we are setting up our office space in the next few weeks. The team is growing and progress is being made very quickly!

Reach out if you are near the area and we can show you around the space.

Timothy Oh
Vara Wins $20,000 Award from Veteran Affairs

Vara won a grant from the VA's Gun Safety Matters Challenge, which was an initiative to find solutions addressing veteran suicide. We are extremely honored to be selected for this challenge and will be working hard on developing our proposed solution which ties in with our Reach product.

Timothy Oh
Vara Obtains Patent Approval

This is completely unbelievable- but Vara has gotten our patent approved in under 3 months!!! This is a process that usually takes years to get approved, but we have had all our claims approved by the USPTO examiner on first try! Most importantly, we got our broad first claim which gives us excellent protection on our intellectual property.

Thank you to our IP lawyers who worked fast on getting our materials prepared and submitted.

Timothy Oh
Vara Wins $50,000 Manufacturing Grant

Vara has recently won the 2018 Fuzehub Manufacturing Grant from the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund. Partnering with the Center For Economic Growth (CEG), Vara will be using the grant to develop their Design-For-Manufacturing (DFM) in their Upstate NY manufacturing facility.

We have experts bringing their manufacturing experience from Boeing, Benet Laboratories, Remington, Smith&Wesson, etc to ensure we can create a premier quality product that is rigorously tested for reliability.

Timothy Oh
Vara Wins $15,000 Grant from WDI

Vara has received a grant from the NY Workforce Development Institute for obtaining a high-precision machinery to start the creation of their initial test units here in the United States. With the addition of this machine, Vara is expecting to hire more workers and increase the strength of our team. 

We are enthralled to have the support of New York State. There are many firearm owners here in Upstate and being able to start our manufacturing process locally gives us the opportunity to invite nearby supporters to see the process.

Timothy Oh