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Troy, NY | Engineering Team | Reports to Chief Technology Officer

Company Background

At Vara Safety, our mission is to bring better firearm safety into the lives of over 40 million households in the United States. We focus on creating beautiful, simple, and highly engineered products that satisfy both the need for safe firearm storage and immediate access in an emergency.

Most handguns are bought for protection, however, many gun owners find it difficult to lock up their firearms in case of an emergency. Existing box-style safes do not allow immediate access - no matter how fast they claim to be. Vara Safety’s Reach is an entirely new approach. As a holster-safe, the Reach is an “open” style concept that gives gun owners BOTH immediate access and storage security. The Reach uses biometric technology in conjunction with a versatile mechanical platform that allows for compatibility with most firearms. We will later expand to include smart data, communication, and analytics for law enforcement and military applications.

Position Overview

Vara Safety is accepting applications for a full-time, full-stack mobile developer position. The position has core responsibilities of full-spectrum front & back end mobile app development that will integrate into our GEN2 IoT product lines. You will work closely with our embedded systems team, marketing team, and leadership to develop an end-user mobile experience. Additional responsibilities may include the management of our company’s IT to include but not limited to the internet, phone, and web systems.

A well-qualified candidate should be capable of beginning to end mobile app development on multiple platforms, integrating a user interface with an IoT ready product.


  • Both iOS and Android native app development experience.

    Design, develop, test, deploy, support and evolve software (native/hybrid applications, APIs).

Candidate Attributes

  • Have 1-4 years’ experience in mobile development.

  • Small team/individual project experience.

  • Manage individual priorities, deadlines and deliverables.

  • Be willing to provide extraordinary talent, dedication, and flexibility above and beyond a typical corporate work environment.

Equal Opportunity Statement

Vara Corporation is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, national origin, color, or any other protected category. Employment decisions including hiring, promotions, rate of pay, benefits, and other conditions of employment are based upon the employee’s abilities and job performance.

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