Extra Step: Holster Changes

A. Refer to Extra Step: Using the Key to Unlock Reach to begin.

B. Once Step A is completed. You are now ready to replace your holster insert. Place the holster insert of your choice back in place against the main housing.

Instruction orange triangle holster.png
holster 1.JPG
holster 2.JPG
holster 3.JPG

C. Reassemble your Reach® safe:

  1. Hold the holster insert against the unit, and line up the slide with the key inserted.

  2. While turning the key clockwise, begin to push the slide upwards into place.

  3. As the slide nears the top, unturn the key and continue to push the slide until it clicks into place.

Unlock 4.JPG
Unlock 3.JPG
Instruction blue diamond holster.png

D. Once the slide is back in place, remove the key.

Instruction orange triangle holster 2.png

E. Keep the provided keys in a secure location, unaccessible by unauthorized users.

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