Extra Step: Add Additional Users

Only add trusted users to your Reach® safe.

A. Unlock your Reach® safe using the “master” thumbprint.

Instruction dots13.png

B. Press the round white button on the top of the unit.

Instruction dots12.png
Instruction dots 14.png

C. Referring to the diagram, register all 5 parts of your thumb. Order is not important, as long as you keep track of what parts are done as you complete this step.

  1. Without your firearm in the holster insert of your Reach®, gently press and hold the first part of your thumb on the biometric sensor until the following sequence of LEDs and sounds are complete:

Instruction dots & blue diamonds.png

2. Lift up your thumb when the LEDs turn all green, or when your hear the long beep. Once all of the LEDs turn red again, repeat Step 3B1 for the remaining parts of your thumb.

Instruction red dots & orange triangle.png

3. After all 5 parts of your thumb have been successfully registered, the LEDs will blink green back and forth.

Jazzed Green Dots.png

D. Repeat Steps A through C to add more users.

  • Up to 10 users total may be added. If you try to add more, the LEDs will show the unit timing out then rebooting when you attempt this process.

E. Have every new user practice locking and unlocking your firearm to get the feel for using your Reach® safe.

Jazzed Green & Red Dots.png