Vara Safety Dealer Program


Vara Safety Dealer Program

The Vara Safety Dealer Program enables you to be one of the early partners to offer Reach to your customers! We created a smart way for dealers to sell product and make profit without taking initial inventory risk.

How it Works

  1. After filling in a Dealer Application, dealers can purchase a Demo Kiosk for $399. The Demo Kiosk is an easy way for customers to interact with our innovative Reach product and get a hands-on experience before deciding to order.

  2. A customer then orders through the dealer, who orders through their Dealer Portal (Client Items), allowing the dealer to make 20% on the Reach unit. The product is directly shipped to the customer’s address.

  3. In short, the dealer makes $60 per Reach unit they sell, without the large upfront cost of buying inventory. Your customers get to be the first to try Reach in your store.

If dealers are interested in purchasing inventory, they can also purchase Reach units at a bulk discount through the portal and sell at retail price to their customers.

Why Become a Dealer?

  1. No Inventory Risk

  2. Be the first to carry Reach in your store!

  3. Simple online ordering

  4. Direct dealer support service

As a new and growing company, we understand the value of relationship that local businesses have with their customers. We want to work together with gun stores on providing an innovative product. Sign up and order a kiosk today!

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