Vara Safety Ambassador Program

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What is it:

The Vara Safety Brand Ambassador program is our way of reaching out to families searching for innovative firearm safety.

As an ambassador, you play a vital role in bringing the Vara Safety mission to the masses. Whether by sharing your experiences as a safe gun-user, a family practicing safety and protection, or as a fan of cutting-edge technology, you can make a difference in creating safer homes.

Who we are looking for:

A Vara Safety ambassador is friendly, well trained in firearm safety, and open to new innovations that can help their day-to-day concealed carry habits.  

How it works:

The Vara Safety Ambassador Program works to promote firearm safety through the use of Reach units and Reach accessories.

Our program holds three levels,  each with a unique purpose in promoting the Vara Safety and Reach brand:

  1. A Reviewer provides an honest review of the Reach unit and how the safe will be used with their preferred handgun. 

  2. An Influencer gives our audience a closer look at how the Reach unit fits into their everyday lives.

  3. An Ambassador joins the Vara Safety family and helps announce the latest Reach updates, product launches.

Every applicant begins as a Reviewer and can level up to receive more perks and rewards!


When you sign up to become an Ambassador, Vara Safety will review your application and social media to determine your fit in the program.  In addition, we do ask for applicants to follow our base requirements:

  • No Political, Group, Gang Affiliations

  • No Offensive Visible Tattoos

  • Must Be a Noted Gun User/ Enthusiast

  • Must be over 18 years old 

  • Good Standing Social Media Presence & Accounts

  • Must present as yourself, no caricatures, animations, or duel online personalities

In addition, all brand ambassadors are required to  follow us on at least one social media platform:

    1. Like our Facebook page: @varasafety

    2. Follow our Instagram: @varasafety

    3. Follow our Twitter account: @VaraSafety

Reward Structure:

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Program Details

  • Levels

    • The Brand Ambassador Program consists of 3 levels.

    •  Every accepted applicant starts as a Reviewer (Level 1) and receives a Reach unit with their choice of holster insert and a security attachment.

  • How to move up levels

    •  In order to level up to receive additional rewards and commission, ambassadors must meet the eligibility requirements listed on the "Reward Structure" table above.

    • "Months" are calculated as 30 day periods starting from your first day as a Reviewer (upon application approval).

    • You can only receive merch benefits one time for each level reached.

    • We can only ship merch and Reach units to addresses within the United States.

  • Maintenance

    • Influencer: Once reached, guaranteed to stay at this level for 6 months. Then must maintain monthly $9,000 sales minimum (can be average of past 3 months) or move down.

    • Ambassador: Once reached, guaranteed to stay at this level for 6 months. Then must maintain monthly $36,000 sales minimum (can be average of past 3 months) or move down.

    •  These guaranteed minimum time periods also apply when moving down a level (and not just when leveling up).

  • How to generate sales

    • Reviewers: Once accepted, Reviewers are given a Tracking Discount Code to be shared with their audience. Any eligible order that uses your Tracking Discount Code will be counted toward your level up to Influencer.  These codes may be limited to NEW customers only. 

    • Influencers & Ambassadors: Once reached, Influencers and Ambassadors are giving Tracking Links. Any orders generated after clicking on your Tracking Link (as the last click) will earn you commissions. These orders can use any eligible discount code offered by Vara Safety.

  • Commissions

    • Commissions for individual orders will show up on your Ambassador Dashboard once the order ships. This may take a few days.

    • Commissions are paid out monthly.

    • Commissions are paid out at the end of the month and cover commissions earned during the previous calendar month(s).

    • Program members cannot receive commission or sales credit on their own orders, orders shipped to their address or orders from another ambassador.

    • Program members cannot receive commission or sales credit on any orders using their personal discount code.

    • To receive commission credit using your tracking link, every purchase must be made directly after clicking on your tracking link (as the last click) and not on an ad or email.

    • Commissions are calculated based on the Discount Subtotal of each purchase (after any discount has been applied) and do not include shipping charges.

    •  All commissions are paid through check. Program members must provide a trusted mailing address listed in their account.

    • All commissions paid out that are not claimed within 30 days will automatically be void.

    •  Commission percentages apply to B2C orders only. Commission percentages for B2B orders may vary.

  • Rewards

    • Merch kits and Reach units may take up to 30 days to ship.

    • We will try to send you merch based on your preferences, but this is not guaranteed.

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